Harvesting Coconuts

All THAI GOLD® brand products are produced in Thailand with ingredients grown and manufactured in Thailand *1.

THAI GOLD® organic coconut products are grown in a stunningly beautiful valley in the province of Chanthaburi, and pressed in the province of Chonburi, both provinces in Eastern Thailand. The genus of coconut that we harvest is called MAWA, which is a lower yielding, shorter palm prized for the quality of the milk.

THAI GOLD® coconuts are harvested by people, not by monkeys. Our people use very long poles, atop which is a curved, hooked blade. It is a highly skilled task that takes time and strength to master – balancing the long pole and then hooking the frond that holds the drupes (the coconuts) and pulling sharply, severing the frond from the coconut palm. The coconuts fall to the ground where they are collected by people and brought for dehusking, also carried out by people.

One of the four principles of organic production is the principle of fairness. This principle insists that animals should be provided with the conditions and opportunities of life that accord with their physiology, natural behaviour and well-being. It would be impossible for a product that is certified organic to be produced using harvesting methods that include a captive wild species such as a macaque as it does not measure up to the principle of fairness. Thai Gold products will always adhere to the principle of fairness as stated above, be they organic or not.

Note 1 - except for the use of Organic Guar Gum grown in India used in coconut products.

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