Wet ingredients


Oyster Sauce

Rich & Deep Flavour

For stir-frying, soups and marinating, Thai Gold Oyster Sauce imparts a deep & rich flavour to meat, vegetables and broths.

Nam Plaa · Fish Sauce

Authentic Thai Seasoning Sauce. Fresh anchovies caught and landed in the Gulf of Thailand are fermented for 18 months to create our Nam Plaa.

Light Soy Sauce

Excellence in Flavour

On the banks of the Maeklong River in Western Thailand, Thai Gold Soy Sauces are naturally fermented in clay pots using rice flour, sea salt and soy beans.

Kapi · Shrimp Paste

Authentic Thai Seasoning Paste. Kapi is a simple fermentation of small saltwater shrimp with a unique, distinctive and indescribable flavour. Versions are found in all south east Asian cuisines.


This is the fruit of the tamarind tree, which grows across Asia and many parts of Africa. In Thailand there are two cultivars, one sour and one sweet with the sour used for cooking and the sweet eaten as fruit. Tamarind is the primary flavour in dishes such as Pad Thai and sauces such as Worcester