Who We Are

The Thai Food Company Ltd. is an independent food company based in the county of Wexford in the South East of Ireland. The directors have a vision and a mission for the company that reflects the amount of time they have spent in Thailand - some 35 years between them.

We only sell authentic Thai products produced in Thailand. We want our food to be produced naturally, ethically and to be of the highest quality. We don't like non-essential additives and redesign recipes wherever possible to avoid their use.


Janphen Thaiphithak - aka Penn, a Thai who wants to share her national food with the world. An accomplished exponent of the art of Thai cooking, she cannot understand why more people don't do it given that it's so easy! Penn comes from the heart of the North East of Thailand, and her family still harvest rice every year.

Norman Ruddock - a well travelled Irishman who spent five years in Thailand, learning the language, loving the food and enjoying the most wonderful country in Asia.

James Brady - visits to Thailand gave James a wonderful appreciation of the country, its people and especially the food. Now has a passion to persuade the rest of the world.

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