We believe strongly in the organic principles of production, as we believe that we must limit the effects of food production on the environment and also limit the buildup of insecticides and herbicides in our bodies. Organic products are also free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Rice - In the normal rice production environment chemicals are used as herbicides in the fields and as pesticides and fungicides in the milling and packaging process. Our organic farmers use more effort to reduce the growth of weeds. In the milling process the product is screened and hand sorted to ensure that all weevils and other potential bugs have been removed. In the packaging process we use vacuum packing that prevents the growth of any fungal matter. For bulk rice the product is containerised and the sealed containers are filled with Carbon Dioxide to prevent the growth of any organisms.

Coconut Milk - In the coconut plantations weeds are controlled by rolling rather than herbicides, while the termites are allowed to continue living as they do not affect the nut itself. The threat from the rhino beetle larvae is controlled by the placing of a natural fungal predator in areas where the larvae might propogate. Throughout the pressing and extraction process there are no chemicals used to produce the coconut milk.


The use of the term 'Organic' in the European Union is controlled by EU Law. This law is administered and policed by the national governments in order to ensure that the standard of Organic production is the same across the market. In order for us to bring in an organic product from Thailand we first needed to ensure that our production in Thailand was up to EU standards. In addition to this the company importing product must also demonstrate to an EU certification body that the operations within the EU are up to the standards. The Thai Food Company Ltd. is certified by Organic Trust as an importer. Every shipment of product is accompanied by an inspection certificate from Thailand which ensures that all product claimed to be organic is indeed so.

Organic certificates

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