Visiting Thailand

No matter whether you are looking for a backpackers stop-off or a five star luxury experience Thailand has it all to offer. From the low cost hostels in the Golden Triangle to the opulence of the multi award winning Oriental Hotel you can find exactly what you want for a wonderful experience.

You can pan out on the beautiful beaches of the South, go elephant trekking in the North, dive and snorkel some of the best sites in the world, visit the great heritage sites of Phanom Rung, Sukothai and Ayutthaya, experience the life of the hill tribe peoples in the mountains, visit the Death Railway of World War 2 at the Bridge on the River Kwai and Hellfire Pass or even just enjoy some of the best golf courses in Asia in the Eastern Seaboard. However for most of us the real experience of Thailand is all these things combined with the people, for they are among the most friendly, accommodating and helpful people on the planet. And you also get to enjoy the delights of Thai Food at its best, with fresh ingredients straight from the markets and the most wonderful array of fruits and vegetables, many of which are completely alien to those from the west.

Bangkok International Airport is one of the worlds major international hubs, so not only is it fairly easy to get there, but it is also a great place if you are planning on doing some more regional travels. Bangkok is the best airport to link to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, to Laos, Vietnam and Southern China. This is all in addition to the numerous domestic flights that can take you throughout Thailand. If you are travelling overland you can get to Malaysia (and hence Singapore), Laos, Cambodia, Burma (or Myanmar as the junta call it) and if you are really adventurous you can make it across to China. Most major European cities have direct flights to Bangkok (we're still waiting for Dublin to make the list).